WR 2 help please

I have Boyd, T.Y. Hilton, Galloday, and G Allison in a high point league. I have OBJ as my starter but not sure which one to choose for my WR 2. Currently leaning towards Boyd but not sure. I have Kerryon Johnson in my flex. Any advice?

Hilton for me pretty easily. Boyd good too but I don’t like his floor that he demonstrated recently. Vs TB shouldn’t be an issue though…but nor should it be for Hilton vs Oakland.

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Would you play Boyd over Kerryon in your flex?? I’m not thinking I want to because like you said Boyd’s floor isn’t as good. But I am playing a pretty decent team that has Gurley

Well this is my exact receiver configuration. I’m going Odell and Hilton. I had Boyd in my flex and was happy with him, but I traded Grobk for Mixon this week, so he’s now my flex

whats your scoring?

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It’s a high point league. Everything is turned on.

Should have left Boyd in