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WR 2 help please


I have Boyd, T.Y. Hilton, Galloday, and G Allison in a high point league. I have OBJ as my starter but not sure which one to choose for my WR 2. Currently leaning towards Boyd but not sure. I have Kerryon Johnson in my flex. Any advice?


Hilton for me pretty easily. Boyd good too but I don’t like his floor that he demonstrated recently. Vs TB shouldn’t be an issue though…but nor should it be for Hilton vs Oakland.


Would you play Boyd over Kerryon in your flex?? I’m not thinking I want to because like you said Boyd’s floor isn’t as good. But I am playing a pretty decent team that has Gurley


Well this is my exact receiver configuration. I’m going Odell and Hilton. I had Boyd in my flex and was happy with him, but I traded Grobk for Mixon this week, so he’s now my flex


whats your scoring?


It’s a high point league. Everything is turned on.


Should have left Boyd in