WR .5 PPR start : E. Sanders, P.Dorsett or C.Ridley?

.5 PPR

E.Sanders vs LAC
P.Doresett vs WAS
C.Ridley vs HOU

My other WR spot is M.Thomas. Who would you start?

Tough one. I can see Manny getting volume chasing points in LA.

Dorsett might be a stud, or Sony and the DST might do all the work in that game and he goose eggs. Pats players have great matchups but it’s a dart throw as to who will score.

Ridley seems to be TD or bust as Sanu and Hooper get better volume, the game figures to be a barn burner, so he should have the opportunity to go off.

I think floor is Sanders and ceiling is Ridley. I hope this helps.