WR Advice week 5

I have Green, Baldwin, Davis and Mike Williams right now, standard league.

I like most came crashing back to earth after the Mike Williams early season breakout ended last week, more due to too much choice for Rivers than Williams lack of talent in fairness.

Question - Do i roll Williams out again in a good matchup vs OAK? Green is a must start, i know he will see Howard in coverage but still it’s Green. Davis I’m tempted by the volume but again White in coverage and if the Titans crush the Bills how much will they need to throw? Lastly Baldwin, I just don’t know if i’m ready to trust the Seahawks offense and him after one week back in?

Dede and Moncrief are both sitting as free agents right now and could be fine streams but i don’t know who i would want to drop for really a streaming WR? Any thoughts?

What about Taywan Taylor? Maybe you don’t want to stack Titans, but it’s against the Bills at least, and Taylor looks really promising right now at the Titans WR2 and Mariota’s go to underneath guy.

Yeah he’s there as well so options from the wire are - Dede, Moncrief vs KC, Taywan vs Bills, Sanu vs PIT, Shepard vs CAR.

So there are a lot of tasty streamers available but really don’t know who to drop for a weekly rental or occasionally streamer?

Is Mike Williams the only viable option to drop?

I would not drop any of your current WRs for Dede or Moncreif…
WIlliams had one bad week, but he is a great offense so better days are ahead. Hold him for now…
Williams will have numerous TD opportunities so his value in standard league is even higher given the TD upside…

I would start Green/Davis this week…
Davis has gotten tremendous volume with Mariota as QB

I would at least be willing to drop Mike Williams to get Shepard (although the matchup is not as favorable as Taywan’s or Sanu’s). Shepard has the highest ROS upside I think, by a long shot. After that, I think I’d hang on to Mike Williams before picking up Taywan. Sanu I wouldn’t drop Wiliams to get despite his awesome matchup. Keep Sanu on the radar though – the Falcons have a really offense-friendly schedule.

Realistically yes. I have Yeldon, Hines, Coleman as the other considerations but i can’t drop RBs with volume for a one week WR. Plus as i have Cook and Mixon i need Yeldon and maybe Hines this week as they should get a ton of work to go with Melvin Gordon to give my team its base

DeDe/Moncrief are the #2 and #3 options with Blake Bortles throwing them the ball…
I would much prefer Mike WIlliams who has Phillip RIvers as QB in much pass heavier offense…

Definitely don’t drop any of those RB’s. If you’re gonna do anything, and I personally would do this, drop Williams to get Shepard. I think Shepard’s ROS outlook is a significant step up from Williams. Shepard could have a better season than OBJ for all we know.

I agree and i believe in the talent they just didn’t need to use him last week for whatever reason, Rivers just took what was there which you can’t fault - when you have Melvin and Ekeler running wide open underneath why force it deep to Mike.

I’m torn between Davis and Williams this week, both should be on teams winning fairly comfortably but i worry that White will shut down Davis, he did a good job on Adams last week for GB. Plus the way the Chargers D has been so far and no Bosa back, Oakland in a divisional game could make this a sneaky shoot out which will mean more targets for Mike again?

Agreed, hmm not sure on Shep when Engram gets back those underneath targets will get split again. Williams does have far more TD upside as well in my view. I know Shep is getting looks with OBJ well covered and no Engram but when he gets back redzone will be Engrams i think

I worry Shepard will get snatched up before you have a shot at him. Idk, I’m really not sold on Williams. Only 12 receptions so far? And as you said, both RB’s are major passing targets to Rivers. Rivers is even getting Gates involved in the red zone again. There just doesn’t look like there are enough targets to support both K Allen and Williams to me. So when Allen starts feeling it w Rivers again, which I don’t doubt will happen at some point, idk what happens to Williams’ utilization after that. I’d imagine it will be far lower than Shepard’s will be.

That’s fair re: Engram. They are pretty similar receivers so I don’t think you are mistaken to give Williams a shot. Last thing that pushes me Shepard’s direction is the fact that Williams is a rookie. That’s pretty much it - nothing very substantial in my argument as you can see so nbd either way.

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Can’t really argue with the view to be honest, different types of receiver sure but it’s certainly a concern with Williams - just too many mouths to feed!

Yep, well hopefully Williams catches up to Ridley against Oakland’s Khalil-less “defense.”

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