WR all about same.. need to choose 3

1/2 PPR

DJ Moore = He gets the best corner back in league… Casey Hayward
Robert Woods - tough matchup in Bufalo
Diggs = I cant sit Diggs… until he has an off day… ridding the hot hand here
Diontae Jonson - very intriguing … and has a plus matchu
DeVante Parker - is he back 100%?
Tyler Boyd

Woods, Diggs, Johson

I’m going Moore, Woods and Johnson.

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man it is tough to sit Diggs with his target share. 9 n 13
O/U on the game is 47? so some points to be scored and playing at home.

I am not losing sleep over it… I am 2/0 and my opostions team sucks
So you like Woods in the same game on the road over Diggs at home?

Bills first two games were the Dolphins and Jets. Rams are a true test if Allen and the Bills offence is for real. For those reasons I’m taking the safety of Woods over Diggs for this week.

If the Bills are for real, they’ll show it this week and then you should be able to plug and play Diggs every week moving forward.