WR and Flex, need a big week, help footclan!

Hey all! Need some help\input on setting my WR and Flex spot this week. It is a Full PPR league and I am up against the currently best team in the league who already got 15 points from Ertz and 11 from Jake Eliot so I need to go big this week to win.

We start 2 WR, 1 RB and 2 Flex. Have Hunt locked in at my RB and Devonta Freeman as 1 Flex. So it comes down to my 2 WR and 1 flex spots. My options are:

D. Thomas
Stefon Diggs
Mark Ingram

I am leaning Thomas as my 1 WR and one of the Saints RB’s as my flex but which one? or would you slot someone else in there? Thoughts?

If you truely need a big week i think the answer is diggs and kamara they have the highest ceiling of everyone you listed diggs and the vikings will need to play catch up and kamara should get more touches then ingram on top of the fact that he ia the more explosive back.

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Thanks! That was kind of my thought as well…Wish Diggs was fully healthy but I think he has the highest ceiling unless Pryor comes out of the bye way more on the same page as Cousins but don’t trust that quite yet. Still not sure about Thomas vs. Amendola this week either though…Thomas hasn’t had a TD in so long but consistently gets looks…

Welp, so much for Diggs…just got ruled out…So who would you start between Pryor and amendola?