WR and Flex Options

WR and Flex Open. Have the choice between Fuller, Watkins, Garcon, Benjamin and Lynch.

How many starting WR in addition to flex?

Watkins as WR and flex Marshawn

If it’s only 1 WR, most weeks, you’re going to be deciding between Fuller, Sammy, at WR with Marshawn flexing.

With those three, some weeks are going to be frustrating:

  • the guy on your bench will pop when you least expect it, you’ll put him in the next week and he’ll go back to being a dud.

  • OR…your bench guy will outproduce your Marshawn flex and you’ll wonder if you should stop flexing Marshawn and go with Fuller and Sammy; then…you’ll try it and Marshawn will outproduce them both from your bench.

To minimize these situations, it’s important not to chase last week’s performances. Watch for trends, not single week blowups. A guy has to earn his way into your lineup.

I guess I agree with the Watkins / Marshawn answer generally speaking.

But Sammy hasn’t done much at all to prove that he is “clicking” the way the Chiefs’ coaches claim. And I think it’s VERY possible that Fuller becomes more integrated into that offense and does more than just produce in the insane way he did last year. This is his third year in that offense. He has a role. Don’t be surprised if you find it impossible to bench him.