WR and RB choices to be made

Lost Godwin so I got to decide Christian Kirk or AJ Green vs. a tough Colts def that will be down a CB and a Safety or Josh Reynolds who might not have Goff under center. Colts don’t seem very week against WR but with Hopkins and possibly Moore out I think I have to go with one of these two but just not sure which one. Does anyone know if Rhodes will be lined up on Green?

RB Lost Dalvin Cook to Covid so I need to decide on 3 between Mattison, Montgomery, Ronald Jones, Damien Harris /R. Stevenson or Jeff Wilson jr.

I think Monty is auto start based on match up. Mattison likely is on volume. Titans are tough against RBs and Deebo will have a chance to steal goal line for Wilson, Harris you don’t know if Stevenson is playing yet and he is coming off a hamstring, Jones I think they may have to lean on. Leaning on Mattison, Montogomery, Jones

Dont know if you started Wilson, but Monty, Mattison, and RoJo are the 3 I would start.

Those are the three I started. Damien Harris 3 tds 100 yards :frowning: