WR and TE same team

If you were to draft Ridley in the 2nd, does that mean there is no way they you can draft Pitts later?

Not at all. Whoever is still left on the draft board when you are on the clock is eligible for you to draft.

I would recommend not drafting a rookie TE if you want to have any chance of winning, but you are allowed to draft any eligible player, even the ones that no one has any business drafting.

Ha. I’m well aware that I am able to draft a TE that plays for the same team as one of my Ears.

The question of “can I?” is regarding whether or not I should avoid drafting Pitts if I already have Ridley. Wanted to get the footclans thoughts.

If its a high scoring offense that involves the TE sure. But beware as its really only the Chiefs that we know are locked in to have top end WR and TE options.

But yes if you like Pitts and think his price is fair then don’t worry too much about wisdom of the crowd and get your guy.

Whoever invented autocorrect should burn in hello.