WR choice for today's game?


I need 10 points to win my matchup(standard)

I have Brandin Cooks and Marvin Jones playing today but I have to choose one or the either.

Any recommendations?

Out of the 2 choose Cooks has a better chance at getting you 10 points.

I really do hope he gets at least one of the big home run plays :(! I’ll go with your rec

Jones is coming off his best year and is in an established offense with one of the better quarterbacks throwing to him, Cooks is playing on a brand new offense with a average QB and has a tendency to disappear. between Kupp, Woods, and Gurley there are only so many targets to go around. I would go with Jones


You think with Galladay and all the running back committee he will be okay though?

its really a toss up, either one could have a big game I just choose to go with the player who has shown us evidence of his position in the offense

Are you really worried about the runningbacks in Det getting too much volume?
Theyd be lucky to get 15 carries total.

Jones seems more consistent.
Cooks has more boom potential.

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