WR Conundrum, Help!

I have to choose between a group of guys to start, It’s a 3wr league and I have Hill but I need to choose between Funchess, Crowder, Hogan, Ginn, and Godwin to fill the other two spots. Where should I go with this? It is a full PPR league

Is this ppr?

What type of league is it?

I would go with Hill, Hogan, and Godwin! I think Hogan 1st game was a fluke, I think he will be much better this week. Also, with Jackson out, Godwin will see much more targets!


yes. Full PPR.

Yup hill hogan godwin

I like funchess wit no Olsen now I don’t like hogan against that stout jags secondary crowder showed me nothing last week so I’ll pick Godwin if djax is out

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I would drop crowder out of consideration until he actually shows something. I would probably go with Funchess and Godwin, but Hogan has upside as well. Funchess should definitely be in with Olsen out.

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I agree with the Hogan take for season long, but it’s tough to start WRs against the Jags. Thankfully he has the GOAT as his QB so he can overcome it but it’s not something I’d like to bet on. I’d take Godwin because Djax is out.