WR debacle who would you play

half point PPR pick 2
Mike Evans (been getting peanuts compared to godwin)
Adam Thielen (how hurt is he?)
Amari cooper (short week - Dallas cowvboys :frowning: )
Christian Kirk (bad MU)

I think you roll with Cooper and Evans. Maybe consider Thielen over Evans if he plays since he’s playing Detroit and Evans is super volatile. I have Cooper and Thielen as well and I’m planning on definitely rolling out Cooper and deciding my flex between Thielen/Singletary/Jeffery/James White. Honestly all depends if Dalvin Cook plays or not :frowning_face:

Heres the kicker-
I have Dalvin cook/ mattison
and Carson /Penny
Thielen was ruled out so i played carson /Penny in my flex and it worked out wonderfully
just a shit show right now with injuries and Matchup and everything im pulling out my hair

yeah seriously. Maybe roll with Cooper for Thursday night and see what kind of game he has. If he has a really good game, maybe you can play it safer with the other choices. Evans seems to be a boom play and I think if Thielen is out there, he should be solid as long as he doesn’t re-aggravate his hammy

i do see a world where dak gets sacked 5 times and gallup is the main beneficiary of targets in this game, if i roll with him and im wrong im stuck with choosing between EVANS and THIELEN and thats just another hard decision but i think your right cooper is the safer play tonight