WR Depth Trade Options

I’m trying to make some trade to get a better WR depth. The T.Hill owner doesn’t have any depth and was thinking of putting up 2 of my guys for D.Adams or A.Jeffery.

Would any of my guys work as a good trade?

0.5 PPR
T. Lockett
DJ. Moore
M. Williams
M. Gallup.

Adams and Jeffery are SIGNIFICANTLY different in terms of value. Before I give my ideas, are these your only WRs? How many WRs do you start? How many flex? What are your RB flex options?

Assuming these are your only guys, I don’t think you have a shot at Adams. If you can trade any two of these guys for Adams, do it! But I doubt that is possible.

So, for Jeffery. He had a good game, on the back of 2 TDs, which is unfortunate for you going after him. Gallup had a really good day against a really bad defense and Zeke on a play count; I’d look to flip him immediately. DJ Moore had a good game too but him and Samuel should be going back and forth all season.
I’d look to package Gallup and Moore for Jeffery. I’d also expand your search to other guys who had down weeks: Diggs, Thielen, Brandin Cooks, etc

I would look to trade away Mike Williams for Alshon Jeffery.