WR dilema, Need FootClan help

I have an excess of recievers
Green is my hands down starter but other than that I have Cooks, Dez, Shepard, Lee, and Diggs
Due to patriots not favoring any receiver, and Diggs only getting 4 receptions a game Im looking to start Green ,Shepard and Lee because of their high targets and past few performances have been consistent, Especially with Lee against the Browns
Any advice for a standard League? Im 6-4 and close to playoffs but still can fall off

Watch the Shepard area. He has been put on the injury report due to Illness. Lee is a very good wr choice this week

Loved Lee this week as well but then I saw the weather forecast and I backed out on starting him it’s supposed to b very windy and rainy in Cleveland…keep a close eye on that as well

Shepard doesn’t look he’s going to play. I think Cooks or Diggs on this one. I like the floors on both of them with Cooks always in the mix for booming.