WR/Flex advice

So I have a surplus of middle tier receivers that I have to choose from. That being said, pick 2:
K Golladay
J Landry
D Parker
D Jackson
D Funchess

And I need a flex play:
One of the above

Golladay, Landry and Chubb. Although, if you want to to take a high risk/high reward situation go with Djax over Landry

For me, Jarvis and then it’s a tough choice between Golladay, Chubb and DJax. Depends on what you need in the matchup you have.

If you need a boom week, I’d go Golladay and DJax. Safe play would by Golladay and Chubb.

High risk / high reward - D Jax, Golladay

Low risk / low reward - Landry, Chubb

Avoid - Parker, Funchess

My picks - D Jax, Chubb

My thought is to roll with Golladay because of the potential upside, Landry because of the targets, and Chubb because of the amount of touches. But I know the matchups for DJax and Parker are enticing.