WR/Flex Decision! Golladay, DJ Moore, DJ Chark and Fuller. Start 3!

Who to drop! 0.5 point PPR. Fuller has me tempted especially if Cooks is out…

If Cooks is out it’s hard to not start the Flying V in the highest over/under game this week. For me I’d lean sit DJ Moore but that’s a very tough choice. Good luck!

That’s a tough but great decision to have to make! It’s super close. For me it’s close between Fuller and Chark and would probably sit Chark this week if Cooks is out. If Cooks plays then I think I would sit Fuller.

I’m opposite. Chark is my guy, and I don’t trust Fuller at all.

Golladay is for sure one of the 3, so it’s really between DJ Moore and Fuller to me, and I just don’t trust Fuller.

I went with Fuller, dropped Chark. A decent output…unless Chark comes in with 20+ points this week!