WR/FLEX Dilemma (PPR)

Deebo, Mike Williams, Damien Harris, Henderson Jr. Full PPR (also get .2 per rush)

Need to start 1 WR and 1 FLEX

Currently I have Deebo and Harris in.

Lucky for you I dont think any of the options are going to have a bad week.

I think id have it as you do with Deebo and Harris. Im more solid Deebo over Williams but Henderson is a coin flip of Harris to me

Yeah definitely a good problem to have. Especially when the ballers starts of the week included 2 of them (I also have David Montgomery but he’s a lock for sure).

I agree w you on the Henderson/Harris coin flip. I’m just hoping that Rhomandre and Sony Michel dont eat into their workloads too much.

Out of curiousity, would you play Williams over either of the RB’s in the FLEX considering the matchup/game script vs Dallas??

I think id still start Harris over Williams as well in the flex I get the thought but the Jets matchup looks great for Harris too

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Appreciate it man!