WR/flex help please

Need some help choosing a WR2 and 2 flex spots here are my options.

WR: Baldwin, Watkins, Moore, Nelson DThomas. Starting Thielen, need 1 more.

RB: Lewis, Crowell, Edwards, Ware.

Available on waivers: McGuire, Dixon, JBrown, Cobb

Full point ppr need 1 WR and 2 flex. Thanks!

Need a bump for a playoff win!! Thanks!

I would go:
DJ Moore, even though Cam is struggling, DJ is still getting lots of targets
Spencer Ware against the chargers at home

The rest is kind of a crap shoot. Jordy is healthy and playing against the Bengals. It’s hard to put your faith in the raiders offense but 16 catches over the last 2 games and there is nobody else to throw to.

Hey thanks! Lol so after Moore and Ware, it’s really a question of which turd is least stinky?


Yeah for WR moore is your best option. You can dump sammy for a waiver pickup if any are avaliable. Pettis?

If you feel fine with moore, you could dump watkins for dixon as a back up plan for ware.