WR & Flex Start Sit Advice

So I need some help this week. I’m thinking of benching Michael Thomas and putting Allen in my WR 2 and then moving Theilan or Parker to my flex. Other than that, do you think there is anyone in free agency worth making a play for this week?

Don’t see anything wrong here myself. Michael Thomas is best behind Brown on you’re roster. Every elite player will have a disappointing game or two. Un-benchable.

Thanks for the input. I’m leaning towards leaving the lineup as is. My thought process was along the lines of how Belicheck likes to take away the elements of an offense that make it good so they might key on Thomas. You know, just normal weekly fantasy overthinking lol

My question as well do I play CJ, Bryant or Thielien???

That’s a tough one. I want to say I would lean on Thielan (barely) because the Steelers D isn’t as effective as the Vikings D. I can see the Vikes needing to pass a bit more raising the floor for Thielan as Bryant shakes the rust off one more week. I’m assuming PPR?