WR for Playoffs

What WR would you guys be targeting for the playoffs? I have alot of depth at RB and I’m looking to package guys to get a high end WR2 low end WR1. My WRs are Boyd, Landry, Cooper, Davis, and Kirk. RBs are Gurley, Mixon, Michel, Murray, Cook, Ito, Chubb and Murray


That’s a nice tool! Thanks man! Now I just need to figure out who I should package lol

I actually like this one too, forgot about it until just now. This was a huge part of my strategy before i started listening to this podcast lol. pairing the two could be nice.

for example i was looking and saw flacco during the playoff weeks has a dope schedule, other QBs in the top of that list are most likely owned.


Seeing how KC has such a tough schedule in playoff weeks is crazy too, you know a lot of playoff teams are gonna have some of those guys.

That’s a great tool as well! Flacco’s has KC, TBand LAC! I have Winston right now but I know who to keep my eye on when that time comes. Great matchups!

Dallas has a good WR schedule to but it’s hard to trust cooper as we all know!

Right, but this also says that Dallas WRs have the 31st for the first 5 weeks. They’ve looked a bit better the last two weeks. keeping in mind that part of the reason it is 31 is that they could literally not score any point against those teams so its a little biased.