WR for RB - 1 on 1 trade in PPR

Full PPR league, I am 1-3. I am being offered Carlos Hyde for Tyler Boyd.

My Team:
RBs: E. Elliott, K. Johnson, P. Lindsay, A. Peterson, B. Powell
WRs: K. Allen, T. Boyd, C. Ridley, A. Jeffery, T. Lockett, D. Jackson

What are your guys thoughts on the trade?

I’d say stay put

Okay thank you!

If Nick Chubb didn’t do what he did Sunday, I would say easy yes. But now that he has cloudier the situation, I would also stay put.

stay where you are.
btw how are you 1-3?

I don’t know how I am 1-3. I just haven’t put in the right combos yet.

My original team I drafted was:
QB - Rivers
RBs- Elliott, Powell, AP, Michel, Penny, K. Johnson
WRs- Allen, Baldwin, Hogan, Jeffery, M. Williams, R. Anderson
TE- Ertz
D/ST - Chargers
K - Elliot

Week 3 I left over 80+ points on my bench:
K. Johnson - 13
AP - 24
Ridley - 40.5
Ginn Jr. - 12.2

So I have to work some stuff out haha