WR Gem Resurrection

Doug Baldwin or Mike Evans? Full PPR

Both have been great but both have HUGE question marks. Who is everyone taking?

I have the fourth overall pick in a half ppr draft and I am taking whoever falls to me between Gurley, Bell, Johnson, and Elliot. Then plan on taking McKinnon or Howard if they’re there in the back of the second and hope to take Baldwin in the third as my WR1. With the Winston suspension I don’t see Evans being an elite WR this year, maybe top 10, but as much as Seattle will be throwing I think Baldwin is a lock for a WR1 and has a legit shot at being a top 5 WR if he gets some of the TDs that went to Graham.

I would go Baldwin. I think the Seahawks D takes a big step back this year. I see them having to throw the ball a lot, and Baldwin is going to get most of the volume with Richardson and Graham gone.

Baldwin. The Bucs have so many targets this year. If Chris Godwin gets an opportunity to replace Desean Jackson he will honestly be a better receiver than Mike Evans

What about Thielen in the mix?

Last year was considered a down year for both. We forecast Baldwin improving last season’s numbers drastically more than we see Evans dong it.

This is actually not backed by facts or stats at all. Evans production does not drop off at all with or without winston. He actually scores more points per game without Winston. Surprising I know.

In a vacuum, I’m obviously taking Evans if its between Baldwin and Evans and it’s not that close. I have zero faith in Shittenheimer as an OC. And Evans had a “down” year and still hit above 1K yards. See him rebounding. Evans is someone who has put up 1k+ yards every single season since joining the league.

However, given that you can probably acquire baldwin at a much lower cost (3rd rounder vs a 2nd rounder), that would make me consider Baldwin. But Evans for Baldwin straight up isn’t even close for me. If that was a trade proposed to me right now and I was receiving Evans, would take it in a heartbeat.

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