WR Heavy Early Strategy

If the top 4 RBs are gone, what are your thoughts on taking 2-3 Stud WRS to start your draft, and then targeting guys like kerryon, jacobs, Montgomery and other rookies to hopefull make up for your RBs? That way you end up starting your team with Hopkins and Odell, or Julio and Tyreek?

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I have the same question (if you get pick 8, 9, or 10)…I feel like going one of the big 3 then getting Kelce then hitting RBs in rounds 3 and 4…thoughts???

2 is fine because then you can target guys like carson, sony, and jacobs. But if you do 3 im not sure you can get 2 starting rbs depends how your draft goes but its risky.

Yeah! That’s what I’m thinkin too. If you get those two top WRs they pretty much get you the consistency of an RB. I’ve had 10 team drafts and started with Adams Odell and Evans… that’s gotta be worth something

This is what I found myself doing. I had pick 10 out of 10. Obviously the big 4 RBs went. Bell and DJ also went. So I went Adams and Julio to start. Ended with Aaron Jones and Sony Michel oh my next hot corner.

Depends on the size of the league. In a 10 team You can probably chase some of those RB’s later on. In a 12 team, I’d be inclined to go WR/WR/RB/RB if i was picking in the later half of the draft.

I have pick 11 of a 12 team PPR league. Format is 2 RB, 3 WR, no flex. I am 100% going WR/WR rounds 1/2 and then picking a bunch of RBs to try and find 2-3 that will stick season long.

I’m 9 out of 10 in standard draft Sunday. Usually I try RB RB and even RB RB RB (Barkley Gordon Mixon) last year. But since the RBs gone by 9 (Barkley, CMC, Kamala, DJ and now usually Chubb) so the usual RBs around 9 are Bell, Conner, Mixon and Cook. Don’t want Bell, and seems the likely WRs left (Adams, Thomas, Jones, JuJu, Tyreek) are sure attractive. And not sure there is that much difference from Conner, Mixon Cooks to the next bunch of RBs.

So I think you are onto a good strategy… going WR WR and then get two from Fournette, Mack, Freeman, Jones, Carson .