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WR Help, choose 3


Ok guys I gotta start 3 and it’s 1/2 point PPR. Keenan Allan, Brice Butler, Josh Doctson, tyrelle Pryor, or Zay Jones?


Without even thinking Allen & Pryor. The other 3 are garbage so it’s a crap shoot on who you think will have a decent game. They all have good match ups.


I think Doctson has a better game than Pryor… but like you said it’s rolling the dice.


Pryor, Allen, and Doctson… you have a better chance of the two Red Skins producing than Jones and Butler.


Allan hit the injury report yesterday and he’s playing Denver that’s my concerns there. What do you think?


Don’t want to play both redskins and say jones is the only target so his upside is there.


You have some rough WRs what type of league is it. I am saying both redskins no matter what. I think that game is going to be a high scoring game.


Had OBJ and have Hopkins on bye. It’s a big ballers league. 2qbs,2rbs,3wrs,2tes,2flex,2k,2def,4idp players.


Shit I like that. I think I am still doing 2 Redskins… I can not get excited about jones… i have heard upside for 5 weeks and have not seen anything that I like… Tyrod does not throw 50/50 balls to him… if Tyrod can run for 10 yeards and step out or throw a 10 yard pass he runs… there is nothing I like about jones.


It’s actually my favorite fantasy league. You can only play with 10 teams, but makes everyone more valuable. You can’t just stream, you have to draft well.