WR help- considering this trade

10 Team non ppr

My RB- ajay,d.murray, cook, Ingram, stewart
My WR- Baldwin, parker, m.bryant, Thielen

His RB- Gurley, hyde,duke, Sims
His WR- AB, D.adams, diggs, Garcon

Looking at offering d.murray, ingram, Bryant for AB. Fair trade?


Its a little steep. You are losing a lot of depth for a superstar. If you could take one of the players out of the equation preferably ingram then I would.

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Try to trade 2 players first and if he docent bite then step into a 3 player trade if you really want AB. I would try Murray and Parker for AB

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I thought about just murray and bryant, wasn’t sure if it was enough. I’ll give it a try. Thanks guys!

Why AB? Personally, I’d target a different receiver and try and do a one-for-one for one of your RB’s. I had a guy offer me Maclin for J-Stew yesterday.

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I like to swing for the fences! Lol. I think AB will have a great year as usual, I’m not giving up much to get him, I proposed Murray and Bryant. I do like the one for one scenario, but other teams in my league are strong at RB, this guy really isnt, so I thought I’d offer and see. Thanks!

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