WR help - Edelman or upside guy?

Do i grab Edelman early as he’s a FA now and no one seems to have realised or do i get an upside guy like Callaway? He saw ten targets last night, wouldn’t mind stashing him and watching the target trend?

Current crop
AJ Green, Baldwin, Hogan, Davis. Just traded so have a free roster slot and thinking to trade or drop Hogan next week for my QB stream for Cams bye week

i’d def do something to add Edelman asap. he shouldn’t be a FA

I’m getting Gronk in this trade so would you be happy to start both guys? I know that sounds daft but do you think Edelman will go right back to the target hog in the slot, no Bill antics?

He does come back to play Indy so i’m keen to get him in the line up for sure until Baldwin gets back (if he gets back)

I would try and pick up both and try to ship off Davis because his value is sinking fast in my opinion.

If he has a big game, probably wont be this week, but if and when he does i’d be open to that for sure. This Mariota thing is concerning, he does get a load of volume but so far he’s not doing a lot with it. I don’t want to drop him, because it’s only week 2 but yeah he’s on my radar for sure

I wouldnt drop Davis yet either but he still has upside at this point and I am afraid to be still holding the hot potato when his value is into dropable territory.

He has Philly next week and he MIGHT do something that week, but probably not. Then he has Buffalo, and frankly that might be the week to trade him because if he doesnt perform against the Bills, hes toast.

Agreed, i just got rid of Josh Gordon as well so i’m one headache down. I like Callaway’s upside and Edelman’s stability to pair with Green based on matchups and what the rest of my guys are looking like.

There’s a lot of Browns prejudice in my league though so he’s not getting pickup this week, but if he lights the Raiders up he’ll probably go. If Cam wasn’t on a bye week i could have managed both and kept Davis. One problem at a time, i’ll get Edelman in before people realise and then see if i can deal Hogan and or Davis for something good, get the space needed for a rental QB etc

Edelman, I think he had more upside. Davis is a FA in my league too right now and it’s really hard not to pick him up. I think he’s going to pop the last 1/2 of the season, their schedule gets a lot better, but I don’t want to wait.

If he wasn’t getting so many targets i wouldn’t have an issue parting with him, but everyone always says volume and opportunity and he has that coupled with talent which he has surely he must click soon, everything is lining up bar the schedule?

If Mariota has any more injury setbacks though that will be an issue, Gabbert isn’t going to get it done

Was thinking the same thing. I am in a standard league so Im more reliant on TDs rather than targets. Would you drop someone like Godwin to pick him up?

Same here i’m standard (should have mentioned at the start). I’d drop Godwin for Edelman, he’s be hyper efficient but is splitting snaps but in standard without the TDs these past weeks he wouldn’t be a second though IMO. Edelman should get much safer volume but the TDs may not be there as often its not his game. I’d get him before he gets back on the pick up radar next week that’s my thinking anyway

Done. Picked him up.