WR help for Championship!

Need to play 2 of these guys - .5 PPR and title game is one week.

Larry Fitzgerald vs NYG
Tyreek Hill vs. MIA
Dez Bryant vs. SEA
Marvin Jones @ CIN
Josh Gordon @ CHI
Keelan Cole @ SF

If you think I should play 3 and put someone in my flex - my flex is currently Kareem Hunt. Do I bench him for a third WR this week?

check the average points over the last 4 weeks. Whoever is the most consistent average is who i go with.

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I usually keep an RB at Flex because of consistent volume. Gameflow should favor Hunt this week since they should be ahead or at least managing the clock. That said, I have Hunt as well and Andy Reid’s use of him this year has been inconsistent.

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So If I average them out over the last 4 games - it goes as follows:

Tyreek - 17.3
Keelan - 15.5
MJJ - 13.7
Josh - 10.7
Dez - 10.3
Fitz - 10.2

Kareem - 17.1

I like the averaging out but I don’t know that i’ll be able to start keelan over the other 4. Have any suggestions/opinions based on the averages? Ill definetly be keeping kareem at flex.

They all have pretty favorable matchups too which makes it tougher to decide.

And to not make the decision any worse but Zeke is back - which could help Dez. Ahh im stuck lol

what i usually do is run averages on 2 sets of stats. Points on the week, which late in season usually last 4 weeks to check trends. Then I check rankings. I personally use Ballers, Fantasy Pros, ESPN, and Yahoo and look for the average rank across all 4. I try to do highest ranking and highest average combined, so using FP (they rank early)

Tyreek = 6
Larry = 10
Marvin Jones = 13
Gordon = 16
Dez = 17
Cole = 34

based on that it’s Tyreek and Jones. (mind you this is 1 source, you’d want to check as many as you can for true position ranking)

I would rank them:
Fitz (at home)

I would keep Hunt as your flex. Good luck!!

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awesome, thank you!!

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I would start Fitz and Cole especially if Lee is out, Cole has a good matchup so his boom or bust leans more towards boom for me, plus Fitz with such a safe floor will balance out the risk. I think you have to start Hunt after last week. Miami has been really good against the pass lately but been very bad against the run and has given up 7 touchdowns the last 6 weeks to running backs

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