WR help for the championship

So I need some help for the WR slots this week… currently have Julio and Alshon in however I have Mike Evans and Juju on the bench… it’s standard scoring and assuming Minnesota wins I was thinking going to the Philly stack of Alshon and Foles like last week. However Evans had a great game and Julio hasn’t been great. Any advice ?

I’d keep Alshon in for sure just due to the matchup. I would really consider juju this week with brown out. Juju has the ability just needs the targets and i think he’ll get that this week. And Julio I dunno love the guy but no consistency

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I’d probably be going Alshon and Julio for highest floor. If I needed a higher ceiling, I think I’d do Julio and JuJu, especially if you have Foles as QB. Just need to monitor Min vs GB game.

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Yeah that’s kind of where I’m at and I’m also huge lifelong eagles fan so I always come here for advice so I don’t let passion get in the way lol. I love the Foles Alshon connection, last week he threw like 6 end zone targets to him so that eased my mind quite a bit… however if Minnesota somehow loses I’m planning on playing Evans and Bortles. It’s just dicey with Julio because how can you sit a guy who has the ability to score 40+ but most weeks he’s sitting at 5-7 points and in this matchup I’m in it just won’t get it done. Also thank you both for your advice!