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Wr help for tonight


Hey Y’all, I really have a feeling Desean Jackson is gonna have a huge night, so I’m trying to figure out who to start. I currently have Devante Parker, Keenan Allen and TY Hilton starting, who do I take out and put DJax in? Or do I stick with who I have? Thanks y’all :+1:


Everyone on your list has pretty good matchups. For me, it would be between Parker and Hilton. It’s tough but I would say Hilton by a nose. I think he has the potential for the lowest floor out everyone you’ve listed.


Personally I would put Jackson in for Parker.

Winston is going to hit Jackson for a long touchdown tonight (gut feeling)

Of course all four receivers SHOULD have good games this weekend.


That’s funny, I was leaning Allen because he’s matched up with the Jackrabbit