WR Help, I dont know who to pick

Standard league I need 3 WR and a Flex.

M. Thomas vs WAS
G. Tate vs CHI
S. Diggs vs LAR
S. Shepard vs KC
A. Jeffery vs DAL
D. Westbrook vs CLE
R. Burkhead vs OAK

I have Westbrook and I’m going to save him this week.

Tate is a good option, but might want to check the weather.

Diggs and shepherd are good options too

Thomas, Tate, Diggs, Shepard. You’re not starting Westbrook on the road, in his first game, in bad weather and on a bad offense and Burkhead is a PPR asset. I like Jeffery this week too, probably more so than Diggs, but he has an injury.