WR help in half-ppr league

12 team half-ppr league, snake type.

I am at the # 2 position and in the early 3rd round Antonio Brown, Mike Evans, T.Y. and Allen are typically available when I am doing a mock. I am on the fence with AB but it seems that he might be the one to take. What is everyone’s thoughts? Who’d you take over AB?

I would definitely take evans over brown, but in my drafts evans has gone a little earlier so I’m not sure if he would be there and I am iffy on AB, but would take him over allen or hilton

im a little hesitant to take AB without knowing more about his situation. but right now im confident he plays all year, and AB is AB so i would take him. hard to argue with getting the best WR in the game with a QB who is good enough to not have to worry about his production. if he plays all year i would lock in a top 5 spot for brown, if not number 1 again.

If Evans is gone Im definitely taking AB over Allen or Hilton.