WR help including tonight's game

I am torn on which TWO to start this week. Amendola, D. Parker or Alshon Jeffery in a standard league.

Here is where i stand. I am nervous about Parker and the whole Miami offense with Jay Cutler and it seems that Alshon is kind of TD dependent. Amendola plays for the Patriots so we all know the uncertainty of touch downs there.

On the positive side, Alshon plays Arizona so i like the match-up there unless Peterson is covering him. Amendola will get the looks from brady as usual so i know he will get some points. Devonte has a good match-up as well but he had better match-ups against New Orleans and jets and we know how that turned out.

Any input is appreciated, this is a tough one in my eyes

Definitely a tough decision but if I had to pick between those three my gut says to go with Alshon against the cardinals

shoot i forgot to write “pick 2”

coin toss for Parker or Amendola, Amendola is a favored target for Brady in what looks to be a shoot out but there are so many mouths!

I’d personally go Alshon + parker

Thanks for the help