WR Help! (Must Win)

Alshon Jeffrey @ Dal (Questionable) or Jarvis Landry TB and
Blake Bortles or Jay Cutler?
It’s a must win I’m projected to win by 8 if that means anything

I am still going with Jeffery (and Parker in the same TB game). Landry may be a safer play though. Bortles may be the slightly better QB (I think I threw up a little in my mouth) but Cutler is probably the better fantasy play passing against TB. Both QBs will have to pass (Fournette probably out, MIA has no running game) but the weather may be horrible in the JAX-CLE game.

So Cutler and Jeffrey?
Should I stack Landry with cutler then at flex over Darkwa?

I think I meant Landry was the safer play than jeffery. So yes, a Cutler-Landry stack. btw, I have Darkwa and he has a nice safe floor but I am afraid NYG get behind early and he will be game situationed out of the game to Vereen since he doesn’t catch many passes.