WR help! pick 3

Need a win this week for playoffs. Pick 3 WR
M. Thomas
D. Baldwin
J. Crowder
S. Shepard
E. Sanders

I would probably go with Thomas, Baldwin and Shepard but with the Eli situation in NYG i don’t know if i can trust the backup + it seems like Shepard is still injured

I would go Thomas, Baldwin and Crowder. Crowder is averaging double digit targets the last 4 weeks. Cousins is looking for him now.


I agree with 44444444444444444444

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who knows what shep with do without Eli

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What do you guys think about Engram? i have him as my starting TE but i also have Graham

Thomas, Baldwin, Crowder are no brainers here to me… If you have Jimmy Graham I would definitely start him over Engram. Granted, that lessens your roster’s diversity and if SEA sucks, so does Baldwin and Jimmy G.

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