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Who do you sit? :question:

cooper is the first one i thought of but thats a hard choice in standard scoring

however thomas is about to get the josh norman experience so that might be the way to go

Michael Thomas or Demayrious Thomas?

Michael Thomas

Probably Cooper then. Minnesota showed that Norman can get beat. With Seattle’s D getting injured, they might be playing from behind, making Baldwin a better choice. I don’t like sitting Green because well, he’s AJ friggen Green, but he’d be my second sit option.

I also like green, but I think it’s name value at this point. And I like cooper, but belechick is known to pick one offensive player to shut down pretty consistently so I don’t think this is his week. I don’t know who else on the raiders that would be.

I hear ya. They could focus on Crabtree, who is known to be reliable in the red zone, but you are likely right that Cooper is the biggest threat to a defense.

yeah probably cooper, he has the lowest lows of those 4

I sat Cooper and won by 9.

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