WR HELP...thanks Baldwin

My WR’s are Baldwin, Watkins, C Davis, C Godwin, W Fuller, DJ Moore and M Williams…I need HELP! RBs are M Gordon, Mcaff, Lynch and Conner…i tried to trade Conner to Bell owner and that didn’t help, any waiver wire adds to target?
Full PPR, 3 wr 2 rb and flex position

Allison and Lockett would be high targets for me if they are on the waivers. I am going to be targeting Chris Hogan owners for trades too after that stinker.

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What kind of value is Hogan worth? For ex who are you looking to trade away to get him?

Hold out and wait and see if Copper shits the bed this week. I’d try targeting him as well.

Lynch would be the guy to try and package. Or see what the highest return you can get for Conner is, while that hype train is still rolling after that week 1 performance.

Lower ranked big name guys who blew up in week 1. Cobb, Stills, Sanders for example.