WR HELP! Tinkering doesnt help 3 WR League

This is a 3 WR league and also need one of them for my flex

  1. A. Thielen
  2. J. Gordon
  3. Dj moore
  4. D Pettis
  5. T. Boyd
  6. Daesean Hamilton
  7. Kenny G

Thielen, Gordon, and Pettis for me if I would choose 3.

I would go:
Thielen - obviously
Gordon - steelers at home, big game, he has huge upside
Moore - even though cam is struggling, still getting massive amounts of targets and a very beatable secondary in a game they will probably have to come from behind to win.
Hamilton - Case Keenum can only throw to the slot. Very favorable matchup, 7 catches last week, he is a good rookie talent.

Boyd - Scary QB, but against the raiders maybe he gets something going?
Kenny G - Love his smooth jazz, don’t like the bills giving up 3rd fewest points to WR and Matt Stafford’s issues
Pettis - maybe, seahawks are on the road, with a middle of the road pass D, hard to trust a pass catching niner not named kittle.