WR help week 12

I need a win real bad to lock up a playoff spot. The bad news is I already played 4 guys and only managed to score 58.1 points. My opponent had one guy play and that was M. jones :disappointed: so… my dilemma is start Crabtree or C. Davis? Standard league. Any help is much appreciated.

Davis provides the best upside. The guy covering him gives up an average of 15 yards per reception and touchdown once every 12 TARGETS. Crabtree will be shadowed by Talib who shut him down twice last year. Crabtree has not scored since week 7.

Davis, for the exact reasons stated above. Hang in there. I played Big Ben in week 11 on a Thursday night and was in a similar situation and won going away. You can still win this.

Crabtree was in my lineup but after those two explanations there wasn’t any way I couldn’t put Davis in over him. Thank you! For the help footclan!