WR help...who to start?

Current WR starting:
Juju, Thielen, and Woods @flex

I’m worried about Juju because belichick is notorious for taking away a team’s best offensive weapon. Should I replace him with any of the following or have the faith

Bench options: A. Jeffrey, T. William’s

Thanks for input!

I wouldnt necessarily overthink this one. Theres a good chance both teams are a little rusty week 1, and I am assuming you spent decent capital on Juju. He is a good talent on a good offense, he should be start worthy imo.

absolutely no way. JUJU is a STUD. Play him this week

ya I took Juju in the back of the second round

yea man, trust your studs. best of luck!

aight will do…thanks and good luck to the both of you tomorrow

Dude i’m in the same boat, worried AF. I had Davante adams put up his 7.6 points so if Juju busts also…well fml.

Flexing DeDe

ya i had Rogers and Jones and that didn’t end well lol

Steelers looked like they didn’t miss a beat in preseason and JJSS has the goods so don’t fade that. Theilen is a big play with Diggs Q and an under-performer when he is dinged up. Woods is Goffs favorite target in a matchup that looks like it could be a shootout.

You are in good shape.