WR - Keeper Q

Keeper league…can only keep one WR
Brandin Cooks
Tyreek Hill
Michael Crabtree

Who should I keep?
Thanks - I will answer your post

If there’s isn’t a round penalty or auction money, Crabtree.

That’s a close one between Crabtree and Hill, but I would go with Hill, for he is the guy here. He can do so much just his first year, proved he could and he wasn’t even the starter, but he will be the guy this year with plenty of volume whether being the WR1, rushing in TD’s, or returning them.

Michael Crabtree is a close second, I feel safe with him. He has still got it, and will be reliable and consistent. Cooks has to share a lot of targets in the crowd he’s in. He’ll have some big games, offering great upside for you no doubt.

I just read a note I left for myself from the end of last season. It said, “Draft Tyreek”.

Obviously, I wouldn’t want him as my WR1, so the price would have to be right for a keeper.

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1.) Cooks.
2.) Crab.
3.) Reek

Crabtree is the safest

I would go Cooks. He has the most talent and is in the best offense. Lots of mouths to feed but he is a highly explosive target that can run any route.

Tyreek is a freak athlete but KC’s offense leaves a lot to be desired.

Crabtree is solid in a good offense. Might be losing a step. Lowest ceiling of the 3. Highest Floor.

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If you want upside take Cooks. If you want safety take Crabtree. If you want a bust take Hill.

depends on what your other keepers are. most of the breakdowns left by others are pretty accurate. if you want your safe receiver, go for crabtree. boom bust, go for cooks. where i differ from most is on hill. hill has a chance to be a next level talent. i follow the chiefs closely as i am from kansas city, so i usually stay away from all of KCs talent because of home town love that i have. but the more i look into tyreek, the more i watch film and see everything he did last year and on only 45% of the offensive plays… i see a player who can hit that 90% of plays, and become 100 receptions type player. my biggest problem, alex smith. tyreek is a really good route runner, but he excels at just burning people. give him a strong arm and he hits bigger plays and opens up the whole offense. so in the end, what i am saying is tyreek will get you production, and solid production at that. with the upside of hitting that next level talent this year. but really, its next year that i am looking at as his breakout season. which is kind of nuts because he already had a breakout season.


Buster - wow! That is a great breakdown! I am trying to decide between
Hill and Crabtree. I do like Cooks but with any N England WR, you never
know who will produce from week-to-week. Hill does have a chance to be
great and for a long time which is appealing in a keeper league. I believe
I could keep Hill and be able to re-draft Crabtree or possibly select TY
Hilton with my first pick (I have the QB and RB positions set with other
keepers). Really appreciate your inside info! Good luck this year

If you keep Cooks good luck guessing the right weeks to play him. If you play him every week I think you will have more disappointing weeks than blow up weeks. However you can mold your draft to compensate for that as well. Just take more high floor guys (like Crabtree) to keep you afloat on those weeks.


haha that was nothing as far as a breakdown. i was trying to keep it short. most of my posts are these long paragraphs so i have been working on getting my responses into small bite sized portions.

as for picking up TY, i think he is a strong pickup to mellow out the tyreek hill keeper. only problem is, luck may be out for 6 weeks wit a shoulder injury. if he is, TYs value drops, im just not sure how much. otherwise i love that pickup.

Crab easy. He is steady and you know what you are going to get with him in a high powered offense. Cooks is very boom and bust and Hill is the number 1, though he isn’t a number 1.

out of curiosity, what makes you say hill isnt a true number 1?

Physical size is big, they have said they want to limit his punt/kickoff duties, Alex Smith is a factor as well to me. I think he is an extremely dynamic player though.

antonio brown, doug baldwin, TY hilton and OBJ… all the same height as hill and all true number 1 recievers. limiting punt and kickoff duties leaves him fresh for offensive plays (same thing they did to brown after his rookie year). i do agree with the alex smith part, at least stat wise. once he is gone and mahomes steps in, things change big time. and hell, maybe smith evens steps it up this year. i doubt it but for a keepr or dynasty, i think he is a huge pickup.

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I have a hard time comparing him to those players when Brown is an amazing route runner compared to Hill. OBJ is just a freak athlete with a 7’0 wing span, TY is a good comp but then you have Luck there. Baldwin is curious in that he isn’t a great athlete but makes plays on a lot of busted plays with Wilson scrambling. Idk if Maholmes steps in this year, but his arm talent is real, though the NFL is much different that TTU. All that said I still really like him, just not where people are taking him

brown is the better route runner for sure, but hill makes up for it by being a freak with his speed and that he is still learning his route tree. and the fact that he isnt a slouch on his routes, brown is just crisp on his route tree. when brown first came out he wasnt the route runner he is today. OBJ does have a freak wingspan, and there is no one like him in that regard. but as far as route running goes i see them as very similar, and speed… well the freak wins again. TY is very similar. both route running and speed (except again, tyreek is in the 4.2 range while TY is in the 4.3) and he does have the advantage of luck ill give you that. where smith doesnt unlock his full potential. and doug… well yeah im just as miffed as you are about doug. either way, when it comes to physical attributes no one on this list blows hill away (except for that 7 foot wing span of OBJ… thats just nuts) in fact, hill blows all of them away in one. so if he works on his routes as hard as brown did, and gets a big ben type thrower (like mahomes so long as he preforms) i think brown becomes a pretty good comp, except faster. but hey, all this does is get me excited to be proven right, or wrong. i just cant wait for the season.

OBJ also has 15-20 pounds on him as well. Like I said I do like Hill, I mostly just trust Crab more as a whole. I just don’t trust anyone in KC except Kelce until something changes. Maclin is a better WR and just couldn’t be a stud in that system. I hope Maholmes gets a shot because I think he can be a stud. If you can get Tyreek later than he is going I’m all in for sure! He helped me at the end of the year last year for sure.

Man I’ve missed the banter of fantasy football too! It’s the best time of the year!! ha