WR Keeper value - Plz help! (Golladay, Parker, McLaurin, Gallup)

12 Team.
1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1FLX, 1TE, K, DST.
Standard scoring.


Golladay - 3rd round
Gallup - 8th round
McLaurin - 9th round
Parker - 13th round

I have 4th overall. Obviously going RB there. I’ve been seeing Golladay go in the second in mocks, and often before it gets to my pick. I’m pleased grabbing him with 2.09 if he’s there in comparison with the RBs around that pick (some have been kept so pickings are a little slimmer than a redraft). But I’m rolling the dice on that big time. If I don’t get him, I’m looking at Evans at best for WR1 on my team which I don’t like.

I originally didn’t even think of keeping Gallup but he’s part of a great offense (much better than WAS or MIA) so I think there’s a lot of value there. Obviously Parker is a crazy value but I’m just not overly confident in him due to strength of schedule and QB play if Fitz gets benched which he probably will. McLaurin, while great, is tied to Haskins in a horrible offense. The ideal situation for Parker and McLaurin is a WR3 for fantasy. I think the WR2 upside of Gallup in the 8th round is more valuable than the WR3.

I posted about this a little while ago and got some good insight but I’m hoping for some more! Thanks guys.

You can get Kenny G in the 3rd as well as Gallup in the 8th. I’d keep Scary Terry considering his ADP is in the 5th of a 12 team. Parker is a bust candidate.

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I agree about Parker.

Maybe it’s because of the keeper format (everyone can keep two, no more than one of the same position) but I have been seeing McLaurin, Gallup and Parker going in the 4th-5th and Golladay in the 2nd. I’ve used primarily the FantasyPros draft simulator. I did a few mocks on the Yahoo platform but the rankings and erratic picks people make (and then leave) really throws things off.

Very confident in Golladay being a WR1 (barring injury to himself or Stafford of course)… but the value is clearly on the side of the other 3. I’m just wondering what is going to make for the best team this season.

Higher round guys very likely to be off the board before the draft starts:

  • Mahomes, L Jackson
  • Kittle, Andrews
  • Godwin, Chark, Ridley, AJ Brown, Lockett, Metcalf
  • Drake, Chubb, M Sanders, J Conner

The WRs and RBs being kept definitely narrows down the remaining available studs.

McLaurin is a lock, for 9th round? super solid

Golladay can go late 2nd in drafts, that’s up to you and how much you like him.
Personally I would keep him and Terry.

Parker is very good value, he will most likely have a good year, but I think he will be less consistent then last year, I also think his floor will be lower then previous.

You mentioned standard scoring I think this makes Golladay more valuable then in PPR where he goes around 23rd (ish) overall.

I wound up keeping McLaurin. Unfortunately you can’t keep more than 1 of any position so my other keeper is J Allen for a 14th which is also a good value.

If Golladay is there for me in the second I will take him.