WR Keepers - Sticky

6-keeper league, I’m only in a position to keep one WR. Currently keeping Dak, Chubb, Swift, Sanders and Kittle.

Top two WRs are Golladay or Higgins (yes, weak). Really can’t decide which one I want to keep going into the season with Golladay’s hamstring issue. I’ll be spending most of my draft picks on upside WRs to hopefully remedy that weak spot for me anyways.

Working on trading to upgrade the WR right now, but deadline to set keepers is tomorrow. Just in case I can’t trade, any help on Higgins vs Golladay would be appreciated. Thanks!

Give me Higgins every time. Golladay has the injury, the lesser QB, and the lower floor. He could be an absolute flop with the Giants. Higgins isn’t without risk, but he has a solid floor in an offense that’s expected to be at the very top of the league in passing. Add in the reports that Chase is having difficulty getting separation, and Higgins could turn out to be a real surprise this year.


I have to agree, I’d take Higgins, although, I’d also be willing to keep both and drop sanders.