WR Lamb or MVS or Patterson (w/KR Points)

First time fantasy player here!
1/2 PPR 10-team, I’m hurting at WR position with Godwin out, and Chark/Lamb apparently banged up.

The case for Patterson:
My league awards points for kick and punt returns.
Patterson is averaging 9.4 points/week just from kick returns
He’s got 14.6, 12.6, 10.4 the past 3 weeks.
With Cohen out, it seems like it will only get better for him

Patterson vs IND (14.6, 12.6, 10.4)
Lamb vs CLE (10.4, 15.8, 12.3)
MVS vs ATL - w/Lazard out

I’m #2, playing against the #1 guy in the league, and I’m probably underdog by a few points.