Wr lineup pick

full ppr pick two.

Tate, Goodwin, j Gordon, juju Smith, Riggs.

I like Tate this week.

Then for the second I’m stuck between Gordon and Goodwin, also depends on your matchup. I consider Goodwin a safe ppr floor play and Gordon the huge play/upside. Kinda lean Gordon though

Yeah, as @aucordov mentioned, I think Tate is a strong play this week, even tho CHI DEF has been pretty tough lately. The only thing that concerns me is that the DET/CHI rivalry is always a tough one to predict. The blow your mind of most seasons is those big "long standing rivalries!!!

thanks champs. I got Tate and Goodwin in now

I was just fixin’ to add that it looks even better for Tate vs CHI this week considering the Bears are in DET!!!