WR Mess, Championship game

Pick 3: Funchess, Keelan Cole, Robert Woods, Michael Thomas, A.J Green?

For me Thomas and Green are locks and should never be sat so you are really just looking between the other guys and I don’t think you can consider Cole over the other 2 at all. Funchess and Woods to me are very similiar, but I think TB is so easy to run on that it may be a Cam/J Stew/McCaff game so I would prolly lean Woods. I think the Tenn vs LA game will be a shootout. Both teams need to win and Tenn cannot stop the pass at all. They are pretty solid against the run.

agree – thomas, green, woods

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Thomas, Green, Woods = Safe Play
Thomas, Woods, Cole = Hail Mary

Funchess is dead to me… I think his shoulder is still bothering him, he had 1 catch in a game that cam threw 4 tds.

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