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WR Mess for Week 4


So my WR’s available are Crabtree, Kenny Stills, Marvin Jones, Josh Doctson, and Paul Richardson. Crabtree is hurt and has a terrible matchup. Stills is hurt but has an amazing matchup. Marvin Jones gets the top defender each week instead of Tate, but is a legit TD threat. Doctson is unproven. Richardson could have a nice week if Baldwin doesn’t play, but if Baldwin plays he could have 3 catched for 30 yards. So far I’m sticking with Stills and Jones. Richardson is tempting. What would you do?

QB: Cutler vs NO
RB: Kareem Hunt at WSH
RB: Jordan Howard at GB
WR: Marvin Jones vs Xavier Rhodes/MIN
WR: Kenny Stills vs NO
FLEX: Zach Ertz at LAC
D/ST: Steelers
K: Parkey

Bench: Derek Carr, Michael Crabtree, Alvin Kamara, Rob Kelley, Luck*, Paul Richardson, and Josh Doctson

Feeling good about the rest of my lineup, but my WR’s are a mess.


I like your team, but your WRs are bad. I’d consider moving Ertz or Gronk if you can get great value for them. They’re both top 5 TEs and flex worthy, but you HAVE to play two WRs. Start shopping around and see what you can get. If not, roll them out.


Thanks for the post. I have been getting offers for Gronk and Ertz, but I have been hesitant to get rid of them. They have a legitmate shot at finishing 1 & 2 at TE season long, with good health. I almost traded Ertz for DeAndre Hopkins and am still considering it. I’m just worried Gronk will miss significant time. I think people are over-reacting to the Raiders turd this week. They have a decent schedule upcoming, I have alot confidence in Crabtree going forward as a top 12 WR.

Im also waiting for Kelley to get healthy and/or Kamara to get more touches, both of which should happen in due time. They would be great Flex players. Ertz and Gronk are just too important for now but I am open to trading them at some point.


You’re relying on a lot of “what ifs”. It could work out, but percentages say it won’t. I’m all for taking risk at some spots, but your whole team outside of your TEs and RBs are risky. Consider moving Gronk if a great deal presents itself.