WR Mini Crisis

Okay now Gordon is out my core is Baldwin, Gordon both out, Hogan vs Jags is a no, Davis fine(ish) and Allison vs Vikes also a no. I need to pick one up and play, likely needing maximum ceiling potential without a complete bust as a floor who do I drop Allison for?
Pettis, Garcon, Wallace, Mike Williams, Ryan Grant, Kelvin Benjamin or Crowder - advice needed?

I’m airing towards Pettis here for upside and a gamescript to keep him relevant over Mike Williams who may not be needed to do too much against a weak Bills D with the chargers ground game in play?

Mike Williams or Pettis I’d day. Travis Benjamin is out for the Chargers and Goodwin for the 49ers, plus both were involved already. I’d lean towards Williams myself

At least I know I’m on the right lines with those two as my top targets. I’ve got Melvin Gordon In already no stack concerns with Williams? Squad wise I’ve got Cook, Melvin, Mixon(played and also ugh annoying) Reed, Davis and Cam so you think Williams gives enough upside or swing for the fences with Pettis?

Just curious James, assuming that you are a bolts fan because of your picture. Have you watched Mike Williams this year? week 1 and preseason… how has he look and how has he been utilized? Just asking because I picked him up to stash and fans are usually the best to ask.

Yes watched him in most of the preseason and last week, really like the development and he looks to be injury free and I did want to stash him in my main league (this one, 12 team standard redraft) but didn’t have the space and thought this week may not be a pass heavy script for us so not sure if he’s the play here.

I’m a believer in the breakout this year and he offers something that the other receivers don’t with his size and contested catch ability and should be the redzone/endzone threat. I’m talking myself into just getting Mike and putting him in now - are you of the same mind?

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I don’t need him yet, but I am always trying to find value in my auction keeper league. So I have Mike and Courtland Sutton rostered at the moment. My starters are Theilen and Tate… couple of high volume guys but I would feel comfortable playing Mike with his redzone upside. He can make a day worth it with minimal catches as long as he hauls one in for 6. I just think with his draft pedigree the chargers are really going to try and utilize him and get a return in their high pick investment. I haven’t seen him play yet… didn’t see any preseason and I watched as much as I could last week… kind of hard when I was at the Giants game myself to play catch up.

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Yeah I loaded up at RB and got lucky with Cam and Reed falling to me at a enough of a value to take them but my WR gamble’s have not paid off yet with Baldwin and Gordon. Slightly concerned this week that if I play Corey Davis and Mike Williams the points just won’t be there, they are both huge risks and not sure my other guys can carry me through. But given the options and the fact it’s only week 2 I’ll jus have to tough it out I guess until the injures heal up/someone breaks out

yeah I was never a big Corey Davis guy so tough call… I mean Corey will probably see more targets than Mike… but who knows… maybe the Chargers are up and they try to feed Mike the ball to instill confidence in him… lol I am pathetically optimistic about Williams …

I’m going for the volume over everything view with him this year lol but will see how he goes. Man it’s a bad week when you’re looking at starting two WR3-5s with upside but bust risk are you staring wideouts I’m week 2…smh

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good luck!

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