WR options what to do?

Edelman was dropped and cleared waivers unclaimed along with Crowder and Kelvin Benjamin. There are a few sleeper options like Mike Williams or Garcon is still there. I’m very thin at the position and deep at RB but can’t seem to get a trade to go through yet.

Any takes on what to do? Pick up one of these/drop who or any other targets? Try and trade for Cooper very low and hope he gets better, though i need a stable presence really? Wait a week for someone to have a down week, ideally Hopkins will struggle again as that owner has Collins and Cooper so could be in panic mode after week 2 of low scoring?

Current RBs: Gordon, Cook, Mixon, Fournette, Coleman, Kerryon
Current Wrs: Baldwin, Gordon, Davis, Hogan, Allison

I haven’t even read the rest of your post but you need to pick up Edelman. The patriots need him, he will get a huge workload.

Who would you drop though? Do you think i can cope with my patchwork guys until he’s back in week 4?

Also, on top of that, you should try and package like Cook and Mixon for AB. You’d definitely be overpaying but you would improve your team big time.

Allison would be the drop for me, I like Allison but Edelman is better. Are you any sort of PPR?

Yeah i’m not too fussed about a little overpay because of the depth I’ve got at RB, I’ve been trying but no joy so far everyone is holding tight

standard 12 team

Two names jump out to me: Edelman and Mike Williams. Now its hard for you to drop anyone so maybe look for a trade that will clear up some bench spots.

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You should actually package Hogan and an RB if you can.

I agree with this 100%

This is the plan, it might have to be a post week 2 trade and see what i can get done. The week 1 hype everyone has for their own guys is too much atm

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