WR or RB First Round Dynasty Pick

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A few weeks back, our fearless hosts were talking about positions to pick in the first round of a dynasty restart league. All three agreed that an elite WR would be the best choice if available.

But I just don’t see it. If top 10 RBs score so many more than the top 10 WRs, why go wr first? Does the lifetime of an elite WR outweigh the ceiling of an elite RB THAT much??

On top of that, WRs are so easy to get on the waivers, right? Can someone convince me otherwise?

I think it’s a mixture of ppr being more favorable towards receivers, and that receivers generally have longer careers. I can understand this logic, but in my opinion, I’d rather have a rb like gurley, Bell, or Johnson than an OBJ or Hopkins. Guys that get the receptions on top of rushing yards and tds

It’s the ultimate question. Do you want more bang for your buck but for less time, or do you want steady points for a long time. Me, I like bang for my buck. But, that means I have to pick top 3 to lock that in. So, unless you are lucky enough to have that locked RB1, I go WR for the longevity. Players like hopkins and OBJ will always be good so long as they play. There is no Eddie lacy effect in that pick. You can find 1 year wonders later on, and hope that a few of them pan out long term. So me, I say it’s both. It just depends on when you pick on the draft.

In Dynasty the waiver wire is typically pretty thin. Although it depends entirely on the size of the league and amount of roster spots. If the league is 12 teams\30 players than this leaves a waiver wire of undrafted rookies, practice squad players and healthy scratches.

To answer your original question of WR or RB, I think it comes down to value. A top end WR is going to have a larger value and keep it for a longer time. For example, Amari Cooper is still a dynasty asset with a commanding value, despite the drop in production over the last two years. Whereas guys like Demarco Murray and Lamar Miller have had a steep decline. Even Gurley who had a subdued 2016 season lost a lot of value, quickly, before rising again. Guys like Hopkins, OBJ and Evans who have all had a bad season or bad QB or off the field issues have not lost the value such as Gurley did in 2016. My opinion is choose elite WR.

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This is a fantastic answer. Thank you for this

I would say that WRs have more value than RBs of a similar age, in the same tier, so in a start up draft, my roster definitely looks WR heavy for the first several rounds.

However, in a rookie only draft, it’s a little different. The reason for this is because it’s significantly easier to identify a productive RB as a rookie than a productive WR as a rookie.

So, while there’s not really anything as valuable as a productive, young WR, my personal strategy, generally, is to get those guys outside of the rookie draft and use the early rookie picks to focus on RBs.

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