WR Overload Dilemma

I have an overload problem (more quality WRs than playing positions) in my Full PPR league. There are two WR positions and one flex spot. My roster has adams, Jeffery, golladay, John brown, and ridley, I have discounted Adams (even though he is the highest rated of the five) because of injuries. This leaves four players for three spots. I am leaving towards dropping Golladay off because the Packers have a tough defense against the pass.

Need help from the Footclan .

I would take a look at each guy’s schedule for the next 4-5 games and rank accordingly if I were you. Since we’re a quarter of the way through the season, you’re gonna want guys who will consistently perform each week.

Someone had mentioned previously that Ridley may be overhyped, and is due regression because his numbers are way above the norm even for the top 5 WRs in the league, so don’t be fooled that he puts up the same numbers all season long(it’s just statistically unlikely). Use his current hype to trade for a top 10 RB I think.

I personally would probably keep 4 WRs and just try and trade away Ridley for a top tier RB personally

I agree with you that a rookie WR is more likely to regress. I will send out a proposals for an RB1 and see what bites on them.

Thanks again,

What’s your RB situation?