WR Overload Who To Start

Hey everyone,

So at the WR position I have as follows: Evans, D. Thomas, Baldwin, Allen Robinson, and Kupp. In a half point PPR and struggling to figure out who to start. I have 2 Wr spots and a Flex. What are your guy’s thoughts on this. Each has an upside but they all have struggles as well; between injury, match ups and uncertainties in offense.


I’d lock in D Thomas for the safe bet. Wait for last minute to hear what they say about Baldwin. If he’s good to go I’d play him, otherwise I’d throw in Evans for the upside play. Flex Allen Robinson unless you have a good pass catching back.

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I’d start:

  • Thomas against a subpar Seattle defense at altitude
  • Robinson because he’s #1 option in an offense with pure upside
  • Kupp against a bad Oakland defense
  • Skip Baldwin because of the knee problems
  • Skip Evans because who is going to throw him the ball? Ole Fitzy? I heard Fitz went to Harvard. Did you know that?
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I think this is a rather simple answer for me: play evans and baldwin and flex thomas

Week 1 is not the week I shoot my lower ceiling (kupp) and question mark (arob) players

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Rb’s are Melvin Gordon and Lamar miller. So I have solid Rb’s hopefully

I think I could make the argument for/against almost everyone there.
Evans: awful against Lattimore and the Saints last year, but he may have some garbage time upside.
Thomas: Keenum. May be playing with a lead.
Baldwin: Knee and Denver Defense, but may have that catch-up upside with not a lot of options for Wilson.
Robinson: A lot of unknowns.
Kupp: To me he’s the safest bet. Oakland D is trash, but they may be running the ball a lot.

I really have no clear answer for you. I would play Baldwin and Kupp and Flex Robinson.

Those are really good points. But Baldwin could bail half way through the game because of his knee and you get nothing (or more annoying they could limit his snap counts) . Thomas is older but at least he’s a big body in the red zone and should give you a decent baseline since he can act like a safety net for Keenum on short hooks or screens. Everyone has bad games, Evans could get stuffed or do the opposite and go off, giving you the upside play. Robinson needs to prove it to me first imo. Kupp just sounds like a limited ceiling and I’d rather go for the big plays with Evans or Baldwin (if he plays).